Mountain Gorilla In Uganda Habitat

Love the planet as much as you love good coffee?

You're in the right place! 

Profits from every bag of coffee go to 

conservation and community projects

run by our partner coffee farming co-op in Uganda. 


100% Specialty Ugandan Arabica Coffee delivered right to your door.  

How good?

So good. 


​With hints of dark chocolatejasmine honeysuckle, and spice, our coffees pack a punch without that bitter aftertaste that so many coffees have

Grown in altitudes of 1800- 2200 meters (higher elevation = better taste

Shade-grown under the natural canopy of other trees in the rainforest, reducing the need for heavy chemicals and keeping crucial habitat for birdlife. 

No nasty stuff going into your bean or your body!

Provides direct trade prices for farmers! ... What's that? 

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