Hey! Kaia and Mahealani (Honey) here. We're founders of  Gorilla Highlands Coffee Australia.

Our go-to coffees are: 

  • Almond milk flat white (Honey) 

  • Mocha - does that count? (Kaia) 

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Gorilla Highlands Coffee Australia is an Australian-based company that partners directly with Gorilla Highlands Coffee (GHC), Uganda. We work with the founder of GHC and their farming co-op to bring specialty Ugandan coffee to you in Australia. 

GHC Uganda is a 100% social enterprise, with all profits going into projects that benefit their community and ensure the conservation of mountain gorilla habitat that surrounds them. We buy freshly roasted coffee from them at an above market price, plus, we reinvest a % of profits from coffee sold here back into their projects. 

We created GHC Australia to find the Australian market for this incredible coffee that supports conservation and coffee communities. As the founder of GHC Uganda, Rugaya, says, coffee is not just a product, ​it's a means for achieving social and environmental goals. 

How did it all come about?


A series of fortunate events led our mum (who's been in the coffee industry for 10+ years) to this group in Uganda - where she immediately fell in love. With the mountain gorillas,  the community projects, and (of course) the insanely good coffeeThe farming co-op was producing huge amounts of coffee but struggling to find the right market for it. Now living in the USA, she distributes coffee to the market there and asked us to help bring this product to our home, Australia.

Knowing profit for purpose is the way forward, we saw this opportunity as a way for your everyday ordinary cuppa to make an extraordinary global impact. 

Coming from non-coffee-industry backgrounds, we have to say it's been a journey with many steep learning curves. (Like realising a french press is the same thing as a plunger -oops!) After working closely with our partner organisation in Uganda for many months we are stoked to be able to offer you Gorilla Highlands Specialty Coffee - a coffee that prides itself on sustaining homes, hearts and habitats. Coffee that'll help kick goals for you, other humans, and mountain gorillas - what are you waiting for?! 

Meet some of the team in Uganda!

Rugaya Richard 


Kampire Claudine

Birunga Mary