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How come you only get coffee in every 3 weeks?

Can I get this coffee anywhere in Australia?


What is Direct Trade?

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Why do you roast the coffee in Uganda?

So important! Whilst roasting locally has many benefits, this is the primary way of the industry, and it leaves the fact that there are many benefits for roasting in country too. xx

How much money is actually going to Gorilla Conservation?

2 x money - 1. for buying from gorilla highlands coffee. 2. giving back our profits to them.

You're a social enterprise....what's that again?

A social enterprise is any business that primarily exists for a purpose other than to make profits! Most social enterprises exist to support some environmental and social iniatitves and sell a product to fund this. Examples of social enterprises are Who Gives A Crap! and Lifestraw. Basically, we are profit for purpose. Not just for the sake of making profit.

Does the coffee plantation impact on the natural habitat of the mountain gorillas?

Actually - it's the opposite! the coffee plantations act as a buffer between the rainforest and communities that live nearby


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