Coffee for Conservation

Our coffee supports the conservation of UNESCO heritage-listed mountain gorilla habitat. Our coffee farmers live in the areas surrounding the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and Virunga Range, the last mountain gorilla habitats. The biggest threat to mountain gorillas is habitat destruction by people. By:

1) putting profits back into community projects &;       

2) paying beyond fairtrade prices for their coffee, plus roasting in Uganda,

the people living in surround habitat are able to sustain their livelihoods without needing to venture into the habitat for alternative incomes which in the past has been a contributor to habitat destruction.  

Conservation Coffee

Conservation Coffee

Conservation Coffee


Did you know - less than 1% of the world's coffee is roasted at originOur team in Uganda are proud to be some of the only producers in the world to see the final product of their coffee bean and roast it fresh in Uganda! Why do we roast at origin?

A main reason is that 70% of value in the coffee supply chain comes from the roasting. So more profits remain with the community. 

Roasting at Origin

Social Impact 

A portion of the profits from our coffee are reinvested into social projects run by our community of over 1,500 farmers. Examples include Kawacare Health Care for farmers and Coffee Clubs for Change which provides financial support for student's university fees. More recently, the team in Uganda distributed vegetable seeds, goats, and chickens to farmers as part of a nutrition project to support the community during COVID-19. 

Coffee that Cares

Want to know more about the projects you're supporting?

Visit our partners Gorilla Highlands Coffee - Uganda website or socials

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