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7 things you probably didn't know about Mountain Gorilla's!

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

1. Each mountain gorilla has a unique nose print - similar to how humans have fingerprints. In the Dian Fossey foundation, the first thing a research has to do when they join the team is learn the nose prints of the gorillas they follow so they can identify them in the field!

2. Humans share 98% DNA with our mountain gorilla friends! Sadly though, this means they have a high risk of catching diseases from us - as their immune systems aren't as well adapted. This is one of the reasons there are such strict measures in place to make sure humans don't get too close to creatures.

3. Mountain gorillas live in high mountainous elevations of 1,500m- 4000m! Two of our coffee blends come from the regions surrounding the last 2 mountain gorilla habitats - the Virunga Volcanoes and the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest!

4. They can eat alllll day long (we love this one)! Mountain gorillas often spend a quarter of their day munching on shoots and leaves.

5. Mountain gorilla's can be tickled - and not only can they be tickled, they actually are ticklish in the same way humans are!

6. When male mountain gorillas mature their back hair turns a shade of silver! This is where the term "Silverback mountain gorilla" comes from - meaning the male mountain gorillas.

7. Mountain gorillas are social creatures and travel in groups of anywhere between 5 - 30 mountain gorillas! There is also only one silverback mountain gorilla in a group and the rest are all female!

If you're in Australia you can support the conservation of mountain gorillas by purchasing any of our four blends of coffee, delivered straight to your door. A portion of our profits go to projects that support the conservation of mountain gorilla habitat!


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